Cable Ducting System

“AQUAPLAST GROUP” is market leader in cable ducting line by using HDPE Pipe, DWC pipe, RCC Hume Pipes in infrastructure sector especially in residential, industrial & municipal projects. Normally in township projects HT cables pass through RCC trench or Hume pipes.

Now a day's HDPE pipe has taken top place due to various properties like heat tolerance of High tension lines, No-Root-Formation in pipes, exible, easy installation & wire insertion, durability etc. We are having experienced team to design complete ducting pipeline along with engineering supervision & installation in accordance to cable size & other parameters. HDPE pipes are very cost effective for cable ducting line as well as 50% less time & cost of installation.

  • Laying in Single layer or Multi Layers (with Spacing) possible.
  • Excellent Diametrical Stiffness.
  • Inner wall designed to facilitate cable insertion.
  • Available in Coils and 6m Lengths.
  • By use of blow insertion method, shows excellent compatibility for optical ber insertion.
  • High Ring Stiffness and Crush Resistance capacity.