De-Waterning Pipeline System

“AQUAPLAST GROUP” has replaced old Metal pipelines & installed new de-watering pipelines through HDPE pipes in many projects like underground coal mines, open cast mines of Coal, dolomite, lime stones, iron ores etc. in INDIA.

HDPE piping is an excellent piping material when the discharge piping must be installed within the excavation itself, and the piping must be relocated several times to permit the continued excavation. The pipe can be cold-bent to a radius of 20 to 40 times the pipe diameter, eliminating the need for fittings at slight bends. The ease of handling HDPE pipe allows it to be welded together and pulled in long lengths, thus making it a costeffective material for long, straight pipe runs. HDPE pipe is also an excellent material for exible, easily relocated, temporary water supply lines for drilling or jetting. The pipe can be easily cut and re-fused for repeated use.