Fire Fighting System

Fire ghting system is a common industry term and major factor in the design and construction of commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and institutional projects. Fire line installation is the first line of defense against fires. These systems are essential to public safety and must be fully operational and free of defect without compromise. Complete fireline systems are comprised of both overhead and underground pressurized systems. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” provides underground fire line from the sump well to feed thousands of large facilities, businesses, and homes.

We employ experienced individuals who understand the procedures and processes required for installation and testing of underground fireline systems. A trench must first be dug to install the fire line pipe, along with necessary appurtenances to ensure pipe joints are properly restrained against the high water pressure which is characteristic of fireline systems. Fireline pipeline must be tested at the correct pressure and thoroughly flushed to eliminate debris, which is hazardous to the fire sprinklers. Once pressure tests are passed, the fire line trenches can then be backlled and compacted according to code and any special requirements. Most commercial and industrial projects transcend well beyond a common residential fireline system with dedicated waterlines, fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, automatic sprinkler risers, stand pipes, municipal connections, post indicator valves, fire department connections and other underground installation systems for fire suppression to ensure safety and preservation. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” has installed a lots of underground fireline systems for large municipalities, private businesses, medical ofces, shopping complexes, industrial parks, entertainment facilities, recreational areas, churches, schools and residential communities.

Industry standards and local or government building codes require us to have a qualified staff dedicated to these types of fire suppression systems and installations. As a result we have become a leader in underground fireline construction and a first line of defense for the most demanding projects.