Rain Water/Storm Drainage System

“AQUAPLAST GROUP” has installed all types of storm drain pipe ranging in size from 100mm to 1200mm in diameter. Storm drainage systems include reinforced Cement concrete pipe (RCC), high density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Double wall corrugated pipe (DWC). We have constructed RCC Drain ranging in size 300x300mm to 1000x1800mm with variable thickness i.e. 4” to 6” with top casting & catch pit.

Storm drainage systems play an integral role in our ecosystem. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” is an industry leader in handling and installing storm drain systems in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal storm drainage systems. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” possesses substantial experience in this eld & our expertise encompasses storm drain pipes, manholes, curb inlets, outlet structures, box culverts, storm water chambers, retention and detention systems, transition and other specialty concrete structures, bio swales, energy dissipaters, head walls, and rip rap used to armor streambeds.