Water Supply Pipeline

Water pipelines are the lifeblood of our communities. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” is an industry leader in water pipeline & construction, with comprehensive planning and pipeline installation services. We are specialized in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal water supply systems.

Water pipeline distribution systems consist of domestic water & Flushing/reclaimed water, all of which must follow guidelines and standards. It require water mains to be hydro-statically pressure tested, chlorinated, bacteria tested, flushed and certified to prevent contamination and ensure public safety. In addition, these complex systems must be monitored and maintained, therefore requiring a host of meters and check stations to ensure a good working system.

Water infrastructure systems have many components including; main lines, water hydrants, water services, detector check assemblies, bacflows, pressure reducing valve stations, water vaults, water meters, municipal department connections, post indicator valves, riser assemblies, blow offs, and air release assemblies. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” provides complete underground pipeline installation and construction services proven to reduce residential project development time and cost.

Commercial, industrial and institutional water pipeline distribution also requires high use, high pressure systems installed to very specific standards. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” has years of experience installing water pipeline systems with maintenance and repair which is a major factor in the global distribution system of waterlines. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” specializes in the replacement of fragile and aging pipelines which comply with modern standards. We have successfully installed HDPE pipelines, ductile iron pipe, galvanized Iron pipe and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, for both existing and new developments.