Readymade Inspection Chamber

PE Inspection Chamber & Manholes

“AQUAPLAST GROUP” is pioneer company in the field of sewer & drainage pipeline system. We have designed innovative product line for pipeline inspection & cleaning.

Why “AQUAPLAST PE Inspection Chamber & Manhole” ?

Due to corrosion resistance and chemical inertness, Capacity to bear soil and traffic loads & durability, service life is far better than brick & RCC inspection chamber & manhole.

We offers combination of various inlet & outlet size for better connectivity with various incoming & outgoing pipes. It makes it very easy to use without too much of confusing stock.

Very good connection tightness, no leakage of sewage & no inltration of ground water, environmentally friendly since no chance of water & soil pollution.

Availability of readymade inspection chambers and manholes along with long lengths of lighter weight pipes and different components, installation of this system is very convenient and fast.

Strength & Smoothness – Sturdy, heaviness, corrugated design makes it strongest & smooth inner design makes it hydraulically best for this purpose.

Good hydraulic properties and smooth surface do not allow any blockage or reduce velocity which makes it maintenance free. Also its very easy to relocate and reassemble

Product Specification

Sizes Outlet Size
450 mm DIA Multiple inlet & outlet base 6nos. 110mm -160mm dia
600 mm DIA Multiple inlet & outlet base 6nos. 110-250mm dia
750 mm DIA Multiple inlet & outlet base 4nos. 110-400mm dia