Sprinkler Pipe & Fittings

India is one of the biggest agriculture based country who produces Paddy, Grains and vegetables in large scale. This irrigation sector is very unorganized & unstructured form. Government of India is working out to supply water all over the country but their approaches are not sufficient due to lake of technical knowledge & education. Farmers are using more than 3 times water they need for crop & getting out of water due to doughtiness.

“AQUAPLAST GROUP” has promoted by a team of technical experts & visionary people to provide best solution for this problems. We have worked on lift irrigation system, Micro Irrigation system & proper utilization of available water, at large scale. “AQUAPLAST GROUP” has invented many products & systems to reduce water loss on feld & proper utilization of water. Our group understands the crop water need & proposes irrigation systems accordingly.

Our major products are HDPE portable sprinkler pipe, Riser assembly, all kind of outlet & diversion fittings, sprinkler nozzles & pump connecting assemblies. Our uncompromised product quality gives value for the money to our clients. Presently we are among top supplier of Irrigation pipe & fittings in Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Madhyapradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, & Rajasthan.