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About us

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According to "World Health Organization" & "UNICEF" -2.1 billion people globally lack safe water at home of those people...

  • 263 Million spend more than 30 minutes per round trip collecting water.
  • 159 million drink water directly from surface sources, such as streams or lakes.
  • 844 million do not have basic drinking water services.
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More over India is reeling under a sustained water crisis that shows no signs of abating. Excessive demand coupled with mismanaged water resources, erratic weather patterns and climate change have led to a sad state of affairs. Water disputes abound within the country and among its neighbors. Six Indian states are involved in battles over the river waters of the Yamuna in the north, the Narmada in the Midwest and the Cauvery in the south. Meanwhile, India is also dealing with Pakistan & Bangladesh over water usage.

  • 600 Million People face high-to-extreme water stress.
  • 75% of households do not have drinking water on premise. 84% rural households do not have piped water access.
  • 70% of our water is contaminated, India is currently ranked 120 among 122 countries in the water quality index.

There is not a single Indian city that can provide potable water from its taps to every house. In fact, according a report India has puts at the top of its list of countries with the worst access to clean water close to homes - 163 million Indians live this way.

Viewing this situations “AQUAPLAST GROUP” was founded in 2013 & decided to conserve water & manage it properly by offering efcient & energy saving systems. Since then “AQUAPLAST GROUP” has invented & designed various products & systems based out of PE & other materials in the eld of water management & conservation. We are moving ahead with an objective to not only provide best quality material and services but to change meaning of piping industry with our expertise & innovations. This made our company strong enough to take any challenge in the eld of different water management applications i.e. Water supply, Sewer Line, Rain water/Storm water line, Irrigation Line, Dust Suppression System, De-Watering system etc.

“AQUAPLAST GROUP” is equipped with facilities to provide a wide assortment of superlative products i.e. HDPE pipe, DWC Pipes, PVC Pipes, all kind of Fittings, various pipes for sewer line, Storm line & cable ducting, All kind of irrigation products, Valves, Tapping connections, Hydrants, Fire fighting products, Ready to use Inspection chambers, manholes and irrigation pipes. Our incomparable quality, sturdy designs and precisely engineered products have helped us to establish ourselves as a dependable and credit worthy supplier of various types of Pipes and fittings.

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Aquaplast Infracon Pvt Ltd was fused in 2013, with a target to not just to manufacture, offer and administration HDPE Pipes and Fittings but to change importance of piping industry and Water administration segment with our mastery and statistical surveying. We began our work with generation limit of 5050 MT for every year, with HDPE pipe sizes extend from 20mm to 250mm OD with the most recent machine in its class and offices for creating and infusion forming HDPE pipe fittings, and Sprinkler water system Equipments. We are moving to make PE Molded items i.e. Water Storage Tank, Chemical Container, Sewer chambers and so forth soon.


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Client Satisfaction by providing value for       money.

Encouraging creativity and valuing new       thoughts.

Being honest and forthright in our       approach.

Optimise utilisation of natural resources.

Save water and energy.

Create a better planet by water       conservation

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