Our Products

Our adroit professionals and advanced technological support has enabled our group to maintain a wide assortment of PE Pipe like HDPE Pipe, DWC Pipes, PVC Pipes, all kind of Fittings, various pipes for sewer line, Storm line & cable ducting, All kind of irrigation products, Valves, Tapping connections, Hydrants, Fire fighting products, Ready to use Inspection chambers, manholes and irrigation pipes, PLB Duct HDPE Pipe, “Silicore” HDPE Pipe etc.

We are the frst Company who started to serve Anti-Rodent & Fire Retardant Pipes in Chhattisgarh. It is an Effective & Non-Toxic Rodent control Pipes. At many places rodents are present even at depth of more than one meter below ground level. Unlike human beings the front teeth of rodents grow throughout their life, hence to trim it they chew soft materials like PE & PVC cables, wires, pipes allied polymer products, to keep their teeth within size. This results in damages to the pipes & the cable in it.

“Aquaplast” provides the best solution to such problems by Providing Anti-Rodent HDPE Pipes & Fittings to dissuade rodents from chewing it. “Aquaplast” Anti-Rodent pipes are a non-toxic but extremely pungent tasting material. It causes a spontaneous foul reaction in the rodents when they try to bite/chew the pipes therefore the rodent leaves the pipe immediately without damaging it. As it contain Anti - Rodent raw material in PE form in very little quantity, it does not affect the mechanical / chemical or electrical properties of the finished products

HDPE Pipe & Fittings

“Aquaplast” HDPE pipes are ideal for use in commercial, residential and industrial sector for the purpose of general water supply or efficient low of other liquid based products. This pipe is manufactured by our professionals using optimal quality high-density polyethylene polymers and pioneering techniques in tune with industry laid standards. Aquaplast HDPE Pipes & Fittings are available in various diameters, lengths and thicknesses as per IS:4984, IS:14333, IS 8008, ISO 4427, DIN and other IS & ISO specification.