HDPE Double Wall Corrogated Pipes


HDPE Double Wall Corrogated Pipes

“AQUAPLAST GROUP” is pioneer company in the field of sewer & drainage pipeline system. We have designed innovative product line for pipeline inspection & cleaning.

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Why Only DWC Pipes?

Life Of DWC Pipes(50 Years)

Detailed studies have been conducted worldwide on the life factor by various agencies. Plastic pipe organization is one of the premier institutes in Europe which has declared that the life is at least 50 years. Provided the pipes are properly produced - used and well installed.

Smooth Inner Suface - Minimum Friction loss

HDPE corrugated pipe is double layer pipe which has corrugated shape in outer & plain & smother surface inner which has high C factor than other conventional pipes. This surface provide it minimum friction loss & maintain the velocity of solid waste or storm water

Structural Design Stregth

HDPE corrugated pipe is a exible pipe system that performs well in both high cover and low cover applications. Its unique ability to support and distribute live and dead load enables it to meet almost every installation condition.


Silt tight and water tight joints mean that what's inside the pipe stays inside the pipe, and what's outside stays outside. All the types of joints i.e.. Sockets, Elbows, Bends, End Caps are available.

Durability Chemical Inertness

High-density polyethylene is one of the most chemically inert of all plastics and therefore is extremely chemical and corrosion resistant.

Abrasion Resistance

HDPE is very resistant to abrasion. These two characteristics give corrugated polyethylene pipe a signicant long-term advantage over concrete and metal pipe

Economic Advantages - Installation

HDPE pipe is light, tough and is manufactured in long lengths. This adds up to signicant potential for installation cost savings.

Most Importants

It has been proved by various authorities that the use of HDPE DWC pipes as ducting material have not only reduced the damages to the cables but also reduced the revenue losses and there by contributing to prot generation of the user organizations

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