Landscape Irrigation System


Landscape Irrigation System

In Landscape Irrigation Systems, we know your garden is special to you, that is why we treat each one individually.

  • We design a system around the needs of your garden, making sure that it will provide for each part, as areas of your garden may have different water requirements.
  • Our automatic system will provide for your garden the water that it requires throughout the summer months.
  • We Design a system for your garden taking into account all aspects, making sure that it will provide you with an efficient watering system.
  • We Install a system always using quality equipment.
  • We Service your system for a 12 month period after it has been completed, ensuring at all times that it is up and working.
  • We feel that we have something to offer everyone who has a garden no matter how small.
  • The time that you spend watering can be used for other chores or simply relaxing, and remember when on holiday the irrigation system will prove to be invaluable making it real VALUE for MONEY.

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  • Golf Irrigation System
  • Turf Irrigation System
  • Sport Ground i.e. Cricket, hockey etc.
  • Lawn area Irrigation system
  • Terrace/Podium Garden Irrigation System
  • Locally Own Operated
  • Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing
  • Shrubs/Flower Bed/Tree Irrigation System
  • Home Garden Irrigation system with automation
  • Drip Irrigation System